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The Vanilla Token (VAN) is central to Vanilla Swap, serving for governance and liquidity mining. It rewards liquidity providers and community members, while also offering fee reductions in Vanilla Projects. VAN holders gain exclusive access to VanillaServices and are part of VanillaDAO, enabling them to vote on key platform decisions. A portion of all generated revenues is allocated to the VanillaTreasury, benefiting token holders. Overall, VAN integrates utility and governance, enhancing user engagement within the Vanilla Swap ecosystem.

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Total supply: 1,000,000,000 tokens

24% Advisors / Team

240,000,000 tokens

5% Marketing

50,000,000 tokens

12% Reserves

120,000,000 tokens

9% Future Sale

90,000,000 tokens

41% Community Rewards, Farm, AirDrop, etc.

410,000,000 tokens

9% Liquidity

90,000,000 tokens

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