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DMC Universe


Support the development DMC Universe and bring the ecosystem forwards.

We (Peddy and 0ptim) are working on this project in our free time. If you appreciate our efforts, consider supporting us with a donation.

We will use the money to pay for the server costs and to buy some coffee to keep us awake while working on this project.

Currently, this project isn't generating any income for us. However, should it achieve success, it holds the potential for future earnings. For now, our focus remains on its development and growth.

DeFiChain: df1qnwltj7jukpjk2met02sw52uv29yunjftnyqdrm

MetaChain: 0x1921212517972396bD75E8938f6953671dE635f5

Cartoon drawing of Peddy and 0ptim standing next to each other.

Made with ❤️ by @peddy and @0ptim